IT Support for your business

The support you need. The way you need it.

At NK Enabled we are changing the way IT Support Services are delivered.

We believe that there’s far more than just remote support, server maintenance, cloud solutions, or cyber security. While all these are important, you should not have to change the way you do your business in order to accommodate IT.  

It’s quite the opposite – IT is there to work FOR your business, to enable you to run and grow your company in the most effective and innovate way possible. All IT decisions, whether to buy new laptops, upgrade servers or develop new applications should be based on your business needs first.  

We are here to remove technical jargon, frustrations and the unknown by talking to you in plain business language that you, and your stakeholders talk every day.  

Our Services

Everything you could need. Customized, scalable, and perfectly aligned with your organisation.

See the range of our services for:

Small Business Owners

From 0 to 50 employees
  • Switching from your current IT support?
  • Considering getting an IT partner for the first time?
  • Spending too much time on IT related issues?

IT Professionals

All sizes & all industries
  • Wanting to offload 1st line helpdesk support to focus on bigger and greater things?
  • Needing someone to be onboard in an emergency?
  • Having a major upgrade, migration or installation?

Medium Size Organisations

50+ employees
  • Need professionals to support your existing IT department?
  • Looking for someone to oversee your entire IT operations?
  • Wanting to leverage your IT to grow and expand your business?
  • Thinking of reducing your IT spend?
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Practical IT Guide for Small Business

All you need to know to start and run your IT facilities for your small business.

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